The jurisdiction of Guatemala is often referred to as an offshore jurisdiction and tax haven around the world. Guatemala has a well known financial center which offers services such as the incorporation of business companies and banking is also offered to clients.

Guatemala is a great place with a lot of culture and history. Using this country is a stepping stone to more international real estate and investment opportunities is a vial option. Key offshore planning and investment moves can be undertaken thanks to the services of licensed service representatives who specialize in various corporate legal fields and wealth management for foreign nationals. There are many low tax incentives available from smart tax planning. One of the steps that can be taken includes applying for a second citizenship via one of the citizenship by investment programmes set up in reputable jurisdictions. These serve investors, processionals, retirees and expats in addition to families with kids.

Guatemala tax haven was made popular by its business corporation. This tax haven incorporates local and foreign business companies which are excellent trading companies. The companies incorporated in tax haven Guatemala can operate in Guatemala and foreign jurisdictions as long as said companies operate within the laws of the jurisdiction.

The business companies incorporated in tax haven Guatemala receive the same treatment that companies incorporated in offshore jurisdiction receive. Guatemala companies only pay local taxes on profits gained from doing business within tax haven Guatemala. Guatemala companies which do no local operations pay no local taxes and are exempted from paying Stamp Duty. All Guatemala companies must pay an initial incorporation fee and an annual renewal fee.

Guatemala tax haven provides confidentiality and privacy for the beneficial owners of Guatemala companies. The identity of Guatemala company shareholders and directors is not made part of public records in the tax haven. The names of Guatemala company shareholders and directors must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies when incorporating but this information is not made part of public records. Guatemala laws prohibit persons from giving out information concerning companies incorporated in the tax haven.

Guatemala tax haven is a safe jurisdiction for offshore banking. Offshore banking in tax haven Guatemala is provided for both corporations and individual. Since tax haven Guatemala system of taxation is on the principle of territory incomes gained outside of the jurisdiction placed in offshore bank accounts in Guatemala will not be subjected to any form of local taxation. Banks which offer the services of offshore banking in Guatemala are well recognized banking institutions. Services which are offered by offshore banks in tax haven Guatemala include ATM cards, online banking, cheques, banking via telephone and other services not to mention the great interest rates.

The banking sector in Guatemala tax haven is being regulated by the Central Bank of Guatemala. Guatemala tax haven has no currency exchange which makes the transfer of funds in and out of the tax haven easier. Guatemala is a very safe tax haven for conducting offshore banking since Guatemala tax haven has not signed any tax treaties with other countries thus protecting the interest of foreign countries in the country. Offshore banks in tax haven Guatemala will not give out information concerning their clients’ offshore bank accounts.

Guatemala tax haven has seen an influx of expats from the United States and Canada over the last decade or so. This is because the cost of living in the tax haven is much less than what these people are accustomed to. The other added benefit is the no taxation of foreign earned income. Tax haven Guatemala is the perfect country for retirement; low crime, beautiful country and stable economy and government.