Guatemala is located in Central America and borders with Belize to the North East, Mexico to the north and the Caribbean to the east and Honduras to the south. The official language of Guatemala is Spanish. The country has an estimated population of 13,280,000 inhabitants who reside in twenty two (22) districts across the country. The capital if Guatemala is Guatemala City.

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Guatemala has a very colorful history. The country which was once a colony of Spain has records of civilization which dates long before Europeans came in search of the new world. Guatemala was once home to the Mayan Civilization whose foot prints remains in the form of ruins of Mayan towns, ball plazas, pyramids and sculptures which has been unearthed over the years. The Mayans were very intelligent people who developed skills in farming and are well known for cultivating corn. Mayans are known in history as a very well developed society. These early people of Guatemala and Central America had well organized political, social, religious and scientific structures within their societies.

Today Guatemala is one of the most stable countries in Central America from an economic stand point. The country has a very diverse economy whose income earners are tourism, investments and the provision of financial services. Each year thousands of tourist visit Guatemala who are attracted to visiting or studying the remains of Mayan archeology and lifestyle which are found around the country. Guatemala is also known as a great destination for bird watching and adventure.

In terms of financial services Guatemala offers superb investments tools in terms of business companies. The Guatemala business companies can do business in and out of the jurisdiction ad will pay only local taxes on income gained from doing business in Guatemala. Guatemala companies are well respected in the region and around the world. Guatemala also offers quality banking services from well known banking institutions. Over the past decade expats have rushed to Guatemala as the cost of living in Guatemala is lower than that of many well developed countries and the provisions made for expats in Guatemala are unsurpassed anywhere else.

Guatemala is the land of adventure and there is much to see and do. For people seeking an energy rush white river rafting is the perfect adventure. This activity can be arranged for persons of every age and experience. Hiking trails around Guatemala provide much need fun for persons and at the same time give them the opportunity to take in the vistas, flora and fauna of the country. Fishing has also become popular in Guatemala over the years. Tours are arranged for visiting Mayan ruins and civilizations around the country.

Getting to the Central American country of Guatemala is very easy. The country’s main port of entry is its airport, La Aurora International Airport which is located in the proximity of the capital Guatemala City and accommodates flights from the United States, Europe, and the neighboring countries among others. There are other smaller airports located around the country. Travel by bus and ferries can be done within the territory and to the neighboring countries of Belize and Mexico.

Guatemala is for the adventurous persons as there is lots to enjoy including a rich and diverse culture.