A Guatemala company is an excellent investment tool which can be used to do business anywhere in the world. Guatemala business companies are incorporated and regulated according to the Guatemala Commercial Code. The Guatemala Commercial code allows for the incorporation of different types of business companies in the jurisdiction namely: Guatemala General Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnership and Stock corporations or Sociedad Anonima. Foreign companies are allowed by law to register company branches in Guatemala.

Incorporating a company in Guatemala can be done with the assistance of an agent who is licensed to provide this service to nationals of foreign countries. Smartly using your Guatemala registered company as part of an integrated approach to asset protection a lot of financial benefits can be generated. Particularly, you can apply for a second citizenship via one of the s citizenship by investment programmes available for families and single individuals in foreign countries. Some of the benefits include greater visa free travel and more opportunities for investments in different regions. An international tax planner who incorporates a company in Guatemala and has Dominica citizenship as dual nationality allows himself the possibility of undertaking smart wealth management and protection.

A Guatemala company is also known as an anonymous corporation. These are bearer shares corporations and the person who owns the stock certificates is the beneficial owner of the Guatemala companies. The Guatemala companies are very often referred to as offshore companies since they are not taxed locally on incomes which are generated outside of the jurisdiction of Guatemala.

The formation company of Guatemala can be done by national and non nationals of the jurisdiction. The Guatemala company law states that at least two shareholders are needed to set up a Guatemala company. This process is completed very quickly if all the necessary documents are filed. Articles of incorporation for a Guatemala company must be filed with the following:

  • The name of the Guatemala company
  • The registered address of the company
  • The business structure to be adopted ( type of Guatemala company)
  • The purpose for forming the company
  • The date by which the company will be dissolved
  • The names and addresses of company directors
  • The names and addresses of other company officers
  • The names and addresses of company shareholders (corporate shareholders are allowed)
  • The authorized share capital of the company
  • The by-laws of the Guatemala company

The incorporation of a Guatemala company can take up to two (2) weeks to be complete. Once registration is completed the Guatemala Company becomes a legal entity and business operations can begin. The names of the shareholders of Guatemala companies are not made part of public records therefore providing privacy for the beneficial owners of the Guatemala Companies. When incorporating Guatemala companies the commercial code of the jurisdiction allows the use of nominee directors.

At the end of each financial year the Guatemala Company has to file its financial statements with the tax authorities to show the position of the Guatemala Company. Companies incorporated in Guatemala which does not carry out operations with residents or within the territory are exempted from all form of local taxation. At the end of each financial year these companies pay as small fee for license renewal which will maintain the company in Good Standing order. The jurisdiction of Guatemala has not signed any tax exchange agreement with any other nation making the jurisdiction a safe place for company incorporation. Since there are no treaties with other countries then there is no need for Guatemala to exchange the tax information of company owners and the companies with other governments.

Guatemala companies are reputable as good trading companies around the world. The jurisdiction itself has many advantages which include stable economy and good infrastructure and telecommunications systems as well as good banking system.